Growing Methods 


Our goal is to provide the highest quality fruits and vegetables, grown without synthetic herbicides and pesticides. We use an intensive style of growing that allows us to maximize our yields on a smaller scale. With the inclusion of cover crops in our crop rotation, we are able to suppress weeds, prevent disease, and reduce insect pressure while adding fertility to the soil at the same time. We believe we have a responsibility not only to our customers, but to the environment as well. 

Farmers Market

Come see us at the farmer's market. We bring a variety of season fruits and vegetables as well as fresh flowers. You can find us on Saturdays at the Chapel Hill Farmer's Market and the Downtown Cary Farmer's Market. 


Sustainable Flowers

Colorful bouquets bring beauty and joy to the everyday. Just like industrial produce the commercial flower industry has huge negative impacts on the environment. Local sustainably grown flowers are the ethical alternative. Flowers change with the seasons, just like our food, reflecting the time of year and our unique local environment. 

Edible Flowers 

Edible blooms take your cooking to the next level. Every edible flower has a unique flavor adding more than just garnish. Our flowers are grown using organic standards, so they are never sprayed with harmful chemicals and are safe to enjoy. 


Bouquets and Bunches

We have bouquets available seasonally at the farmer's market. Send us a note if you are looking for flowers for a party or wedding. 

Flower Share 

Have a fresh bouquet delivered through the summer with our flower share. Its the perfect gift to brighten up any home and a great way to remind someone that the are special throughout the season. 


Quality Produce

We are committed to delivering the highest quality fruits and vegetables, no matter the order size. We use non-GMO seeds and adhere to organic specifications to grow healthy beautiful produce. 



We harvest each crop with care at the peak of freshness. Using a triple wash system and appropriate refrigeration we maintain the quality and freshness of our produce.



Through the use of low tunnels and row covers, we are pushing the boundaries of seasonal produce. Many of our crops are only available at a certain time of year, but with season extension tools we are widening that time frame for our favorite crops. 



We grow more than 35 types of tomatoes alone, showing our commitment to heirloom varities and saved seeds.